About Ham-Directory.com

Ham-Directory is a directory of links to the best ham radio websites. It was started by Julian Moss, G4ILO, who felt that this would be a better way to find useful amateur radio sites than the long lists of links found on many ham home pages.

Ham-Directory.com is open to all radio amateurs to submit sites they come across while surfing the web that they think other radio amateurs would find useful. You don't need to own a site to submit it to the directory. However, if you do own the site you're submitting, and are willing to place a link back to Ham-Directory, you can have a "Featured" listing that will always be displayed at the top of your category. Please give us a back-link if you are able to, as it will help increase the search engine ranking of the site, and thereby increase its usefulness to fellow radio amateurs.

You are welcome to make multiple submissions for different pages of the same site in different categories. For example, if your site has a number of different antenna designs for different bands, you can submit each of them (as long as each design is on a different page) so that people searching for antennas for a specific band will find them. For the same reason, use the keyword field to include terms that people searching for this information are likely to be using.

Submission guidelines

Submissions are subject to editorial review by Julian, G4ILO, whose decision as to whether or not to include a site is final. A link will only be accepted if it is a link to a genuine amateur radio-related site.

In order to prevent spam submissions from the pathetic online vermin who try to pollute every blog, forum, guestbook and directory with their unwanted garbage, you will be required to answer a simple radio-related question in order to complete your submission. I hope it is not too difficult! :)

How to submit

To submit your site to the directory:

  • Navigate to the most appropriate category for the site.
  • Click on the Add a Site link on that page.
  • Complete all required fields on the submission form.

If you have chosen a "Featured" listing which requires a link back to the site, please create the link using the exact HTML code given and upload the page before submitting, because the directory software will check for the presence of this code and reject your entry if it is not found.