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An all-band wire antenna. Excellent article for beginners.

6-160 Meter J-Pole Antenna
J-Pole Antenna for 6-40 Meters without a tuner and 80/160 Meters with a tuner!

Alexandre Grimberg / Alex - PY1AHD
Site with descriptions and photos of many different magnetic loop antenna designs.

Balloon and Kite Antennas
The Kite and Balloon Antenna Site. Antennas for the low bands.

Battle Creek Special
Shortened 160m vertical.

Build your own Cobwebb
Details to build a CobWebb 5 band 14 - 28MHz resonant antenna only 9ft square.

Building from antenna designs that work!
Practical Antennas for all Amateur Radio bands.

How to Build Magnetic Loop Antennas
magnetic loop antennas, magnetic loop FAQ, how to build magnetic loop antenna, CC&R antennas, portable antennas, small transmitting loops, mag loop projects, w2bri

Magnetic Loop - 160-60 Meters
A 3" aluminum tubing 15' transmitting magnetic loop.

Magnetic Loop Antenna Experiments
Good description of building magnetic loops to tune from 10m to 80m.

NLX Ham Radio with Attitude
N0LX's QRP website specialising in homebrewed portable antenna's - predominantly electrically 1/2 wave verticals. Contains soundfiles of DX worked with some of the antennas!

Portable Beams for ECOMM - Backpackers - Field Day
The smallest portable beam available for HF Operations

The Cobwebb Antenna revealed
Article describing how to build a Cobwebb 5 band 14 - 28MHz antenna.

The double bazooka antenna
Coaxial dipole antenna for broader bandwidth,

W2BRI's Magnetic Loop Site
Magnetic Loop Antennas for HF & Above.